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Contact :
FAX (713)880-3811
2307 Union St.
Houston, Texas 77007


Direct Representation:

GRACE staff provides pro-bono representation to a small number of indigent capital defendants, particularly those facing retrial or resentencing after successful challenges to their convictions and/or death sentences.  This work is funded by grants and individual donations. 


Mitigation Services:

GRACE provides mitigation specialists for indigent defendants.  Capital trials are divided into two phases, penalty and sentencing.  During the sentencing phase, mitigating evidence is presented to provide the jury with an understanding of the client’s life history and to help them to choose life.  GRACE spends countless hours collecting records and interviewing witnesses to help the jury see the whole person whose life they are being asked to take.



GRACE provides consulting services to capital defense teams, helping them find experts, providing litigation samples and research, assisting in the development of a plea strategy, and helping them prepare and use mitigation evidence.



Danalynn Recer, the director of GRACE, and other members of the GRACE staff serve as unpaid faculty members and small group leaders in dozens of capital defense seminars and workshops every year through national, state and local bar associations and public defender systems around the country.  We also host our own three-day intensive mitigation skills training every year.  And, we provide one-on-one mentorship to mitigation specialists through the National Capital Trial Project.



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